As a  'mixed medium' Canvas artist,  I have discovered a  love  for creating  Art quilts that although could hang on the wall are meant

 for you to enjoy now and for generations to come.  What started as a desire to make a quilt for each member of my own family has blossomed into yet one more facet of my artwork and I 'love'  and have become quite addicted to  creating them. 

While making one... I am anticipating what to create next!

 My quilts carry weight and drape beautifully as they envelope you in warmth for those cold frosty winter nights

 or snuggling under to watch your favourite  vintage movie.  Made of 100% cotton or linen each quilt can be customized to your liking right down to the 'theme' and can carry a 'special' block with a note or message written by you to that special someone that you might be gifting  one to.  Here you will find  examples of the different 'styles' of quilts that I create.  Shabby Chic Quilts  have a very Vintage feel with ruffles between the blocks done in creams and whites.   Any  pastel colours can be used , the choice is yours  and we are happy to work with any colour palette you would like. You can see some done in "brights" on the Bunting's Page.

 Traditional Sashing Quilts have...traditional sashing between the blocks for a smooth, flat top.  You can see examples on the Buntings Page.  Any of my quilts can be either style and again the colour palette can be one of your choice or if you let me know what 'feel' you are wanting in your quilt I can help you choose the colour/pattern that will give you just that!